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Professional DJ Services - Music Non Stop

Professional DJ Services Music

Professional DJ Services - Music

Our music library is extensive, diverse, and complete. It is the focal point of our service and an essential part of your event. With this in mind, we have instant access to more than 100,000 songs that cover an extremely wide spectrum of musical genres fitting virtually any crowd and occasion.

Whether your guests are best suited by a mix of classics, current radio and club hits or just a well-balanced set of all popular hits, we have them all. There are no genres or types that are outside of our ability. We effectively mix-n-match the different styles of music to keep the dancefloor packed at all times. Thus, a 50's & 60's Rock 'n Roll set can be seamlessly morphed into 80's Rock and Pop to culminate with the latest Club and Dance chart hits. There is no limit to such musical combinations. We always try to keep things cool and eclectic by infusing our sets with selections that are not always completely played out on the radio. This means that we dig a little deeper to find music that is exciting and fresh. Your guests will get to dance to all their favorites and also may hear versions of songs that will provide a new level of excitement. Every music playlist from Cocktail to Late Night Dancing is customized to your needs.

Our Polish and European collection is also unmatched. We cover virtually the entire Polish pop music history from the 60's to today's top radio and party hits. You can select from the Rock and Pop standards as well as more traditional and well known "wedding songs". The European library covers an exhaustive list of party favorites from the 70's and 80's up to today's ever so popular dance numbers. Let's dance!

While today's sound reproduction and reinforcement equipment market offers a wide range of DJ products, both in price and quality, we only resort to those brands that are commonly regarded as the best in the world. This gives us the assurance of quality and reliability as well as pleasure of working with. It then provides for your listening enjoyment and a sharp, uncompromising appearance of the equipment you have hired along with our service. We are the experts in sound reinforcement and thus adjust the tone and sound levels to each room to be enjoyed by all guests. Bottom line is that our mobile sound rig just sounds plain great!

Your DJ is very experienced as a wedding, club, and radio DJ and can easily select the music for diverse crowds. We offer a complete music library of American, Polish, and other European dance and party hits.